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    NDLP Manager will not start after boot


      Platform:  VSphere 5..0.0-46052

      VSphere Server:  HP Proliant DL360 G5 server


      VMWare Image Config:(4) CPUs, 16 GB RAM, LSI Logic SAS Controller, 1 TB disk


      After install, system reboots but fails to complete the installation process, which hangs after GRUB loads the kernel and the initrd image


      Red Hat nash version starting

      rm: unable to remove '/sysroot'; Device or resource is busy.


      Switching between Primary and Secondary images in the drop down list results in the same error.


      I have tried to launch the GRUB command line to see if the /sysroot directory can be mounted or purged, but I cannot get to a point where I can launch a shell.  There are only two initrd image files that can be loaded, which results in the error listed above, and using the noinitrd switch results in a kernel panic because the init option is not specified.  I have tried to find an init directory (e.g. /etc/preinit, /bin/sh, /sbin, etc.) that will allow me to launch a shell to get into the LINUX commands, but no luck.


      Anyone encounter this  error and have insight into how to fix the problem?


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