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    MVT cannot check the computer


      Does somebody know if there is a problem with MVTcurrent?


      Since two days I am trying to run MVT. The only result I get is:

      MVT is not currently not able to check the computer or find the installes product.


      I am runing windows 8.1 64 bit pro with McAfee Total protection. 

      MCAfee Security Center is 12.8 build 12.8.908.


      The attached file is the MVT-Scan result:


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          I am having my team look into this. The error in the XML is that the platform (Windows 8.1 in this case) is not supported. I have a suspicion as to what is happening, but would like to confirm a couple of things.


          Have you just recently upgraded to Windows 8.1? Were you able to perform a scan prior to 2 days ago?

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            From that log it appears that you get your software via AOL, is that correct?    MVT sometimes has problems reading 3rd party-provided McAfee software due to the fact that they relabel it.


            I will send an email to someone I know in support and ask if that is what is happening here.


            Edit: they are already here, thanks Chris.




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              This computer was bought on 15.01.2014 and came only with Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit installed on it. No security suite, no other software installed.


              The McAfee Total protection was bought directly from McAfee, no third party McAfee software.


              I scanned my software with MVT once a week. No problems. I was able to scan prior 2 days ago. But since saturday or sunday it is not working anly longer.


              I don´t use registry cleaners, no fresh installation of any software last week.

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                You are using a fresh download each time I hope?




                MVT doesn't auto-update so needs to be a new download each time.


                Maybe Chris has some ideas.

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                  The team has identified the cause of this issue and is working to release a fix for it in the next couple of days. This was caused with our recent release of a new version of MVT on this past Friday.


                  We have identified the why this issue was missed for the release and are putting in place checks to prevent it.


                  I apologize for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting it here.


                  As a side note, Peter, MVT does auto-update now. So no need to download again unless a corrupt installation is suspected.


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                    Thank you very much Chris und Peter.


                    I am glad to hear that this issue can be resolved.



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                      Thanks Chris for the information, duly noted.

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                        Hi uwe-dembski


                        Try the below steps and check if you are able to run MVT


                        Navigate to below locations and Rename the Windows Defender folder to Windows DefenderOLD


                        C:/Program Files/

                        C:/Program Files (x86)/


                        Re Download MVT from mvt.mcafee.com and Run it.


                        Post back the results..!

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                          Chinthanai, the MVT team has already identified the cause, and are working on the fix.


                          Your steps are not needed, nor have I ever heard of Windows Defender conflicting with MVT.

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