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    McAfee Inc. mfeapfk was not started


      In looking into the EventManager (Vista SP2, up to date) to check something else  I noticed an error message that appears to have started quite recently everytime the PC is started.


      The service McAfee Inc. mfeapfk was not started owing to the following error....The designated service is not available


      My McAfee antiVirus Plus is up to date. As it appears to be working OK, is this something to worry about?


      I still get ....Event516 mfehidk Process **\McAPExe.exe pid (3632) signed but not trustworthy..., but now only once per session.


      I have the German version of McAfee, so my translation of the wording my not correspond exactly with the English.


      On my XP SP3 PC, I note that sometimes, despite a regular planned scan set Sundays at 9.00 a.m. nothing happens at 9.00 a.m. When I check the setting it says next scan planned for some time later. Any reason? Otherwise McAfee works fine.


      Many thanks in advance.

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          If things are working fine I would disregard that EV entry.  Sometimes things are slow to start and that can cause an entry like that.   You could run the Virtual Technician if you like.  It may find and fix any errors.


          If it continues afterwards, Technical Support may be of assistance.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          On XP the version of the software is pegged at a slightly older one than what is current and the older versions used to have a feature where the scan would be delayed if the software detected hard drive activity, however, it should eventually start.  

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            Many thanks for the input - put my mind at rest