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    New install, enable Remote Desktop Connection & Teamviewer


      I've just installed remotely, SaaS on my servers (Win 2008).  Now I can no longer access them via a remote desktop connection.  By the time I get to the server room, there is nothing showing on the screen to grant permission.  How can I turn it back on so I don't have to go to the server room every time I want to check my databases or backup.


      Also, I need to enable Teamviewer access to desktops on the network, can I pre-enable it in a policy? Of course as a brand new install, I know nothing about setting up policies or system wide policies yet.  Do I need to wait for the banner at the bottom to grant access?  There are several users who regularly work from home at night who need access.





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          Hi Carolyn,


          Please follow the below steps to fix the issue.


          1. Login to SecurityCenter (www.mcafeeasap.com)

          2. Click on Policies | Add Policy (Name it as desired) | Firewall Protection | General Settings | Administrator configures firewall

          3. Firewall Protection Mode | Change it to Report

          4. Under Connection Type | Select Custom settings click on 'Edit'

          5. Allow all the options


          * File and Print Sharing 

          * Remote Assistance     

          * Remote Desktop         


          6. Save the policy and apply it to the computers.

          7. Do a manual update and then check for the issue.