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    How to schedule updates on specific time of the day


      I have McAfee Total Protection on my Laptop which is running Windows8.1.

      My home internet connection has peak and off-peak quotas so I wanted to schedule all my updates only at off-peak times (2am to 8am).

      Is there any way for McAfee total protection to download updates only during these specific time?

      I noticed that on the update settings, you only have 3 options.

      At the moment I have selected "notify me when updates are available".

      I cannot find any option to select time.

      Maybe I missed something?

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          Peter M

          Unfortunately there is no way of doing that as updates can vary their frequency and time quite a bit.


          The software itself polls silently for updates every few hours anyway.   So wtih it set the way you have it will alert you when it has found an update.


          If your update window in the SecurityCenter looks a bit like this: (click to magnify)




          Then those times can mean polling times (for updates), not necessarily actual updates.








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