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    How do I remove the trojan / worm VBS/Autorun.worm.aapn!lnk ?


      Mcafee Internet Security detected the  trojan / worm VBS/Autorun.worm.aapn!lnk on my removal USB memory sticks and on my USB HDD.


      How do I remove this trojan/worm?


      I updated Mcafee Internet Security to the latest DAT.


      Whenever I plug on my USB storage devices into my PC, Mcafee Internet Security informs me that it quarantined the trojan/worm (see attached print screen) but it doesnt seem to remove the trojan/worm from the USB storage device.


      Can somebody help with the exact steps?  I have 5 USB storage device now infected.


      Thank you for your help and consideration.

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