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    Is ParentID unique to a computer name?


      I'm new to both McAffee and the web api.   I'd like to apply a tag to a computer name that I've found on an ePO server using system.find().   My issue is that the find returns multiple entries, either from the same ePO server or when run against muitiple ePO servers.     I'd like to apply a tag to the instance of the computer name that was most recently communicated to.   To accomplish this I'm using data returned by the find,  comparing the EPOLeafNode.LastUpdate field of the returned computers. 


      It looks like EPOComputerProperties.ParentID is also returned by the find and can be used to apply a tag.   Is  the ParentID field  unique to a computer  reporting to an ePO server.   I didn't want to inadvertantly apply the tag to a whole group of computers because they happen to share the same ParentID.   If not, is there another field that I should be using?


      Any guidance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.