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    EEPC 6.2.x with Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition


      Our company has recently purchase the enterprise edition of malwarebytes.  I am curious to see if anyone else is using this same setup.  I am finding that the flash and full scans of malwarebytes iscausing systems to BSOD with a generic memory error.  If we remove encryption the problem goes away.


      I am trying to identify what files do I need to exclude from the scan to stop the BSOD from happening, anyone have any experience working with both of them together?


      I have already exempt C:\Program Files\Mcafee\* as well as the 8-9 drives files in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder.


      I have already contacted Malwarebytes and at this point we have confirmed the problem is not the software (works fine without encryption), but its a conflict with EEPC.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!