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    ePO 5.1 on Server 2012 Running extremely slow


      We are trying to migrate to a brand new ePO 5.1 server and have encountered a strange issue.


      This is a new server running a quad-core Xeon, 16gb of RAM and a fresh install of Server 2012 with all updates.  When we try to do anything (login, load a page, download software, etc) it takes a very long time to do anything (a couple of minutes usually).  The server is using a separate server running MSSQL 2008 Server SP1.  Our current ePO server (running Server 2003 R2 32-bit) connects to the same database server and has none of these issues.   I have read through these forums and searched the logs and cannot find the cause of this slowness.


      I already opened a ticket with McAfee Support, but so far they haven't had any ideas.


      From what I can tell is that Tomcat is having issues, but nothing I've done to it so far has helped.