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    Is this a known bug ? After pausing InternetSecurity 12 scheduled scan (monthly)...


      Hello everyone,


      I hope I'm asking/posting this in the right place, but if an even better place should exist then please just let me know.


      Is following issue an already known bug ?


      Today, after pausing an already started (monthly) scheduled scan with InternetSecurity 12 (v12.8.903), I also decided to force InternetSecurity to check for latest updates, but after it found and installed them correctly I verified that it was no more possible to resume same scan I had paused. Also InternetSecurity reported me a next month date for next scheduled scan to take place.


      Known workaround I found : check again InternetSecurity 12 scheduled scan settings and change the day of the week the scan should take place.

      JFYI only after I selected Wednesday next expected scan date became really today (evening in my local timezone).


      P.S. If interested or needing to know this too, current McAfee AntiVirus and AntiSpyware component is v16.8 (build 16.8.708) and after update I forced its engine became v1790.0


      Thanks in advance for any (related) reply.

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