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    Automatic Updates doesn't work in MTP


      Running Windows Vista Home Premium with latest MS updates on laptop.

      Running McAfee Total Protection:

      Sucurity Center, Version 11.0, Build 11.0.678

      Virus Scan Version 15.0, Build 15.0.302, Data Version 7274, Boot Data Version 6817.0000, Engine Version 5400.1158.

      McAfee is set for Automatic Updates.


      After the laptop has been on for a few minutes, there is a warning that Computer is not safe as MTP upgates are available. Automatic Update feature is selected, but it doesn't work. These updates have to be downloaded manually, and everything is secure for a short time.  Then about 15-20 minutes later -- same warning appears. Updates are again downloaded manually, and everything is fine for a short while.  Then the same warning -- updates avilable. I am fed up with this nuisance!


      I have read hundreds of threads on this forum relating to this same problem with McAfee; and I have tried most suggested solutions, but to no avail.  MVT says everything is fine.  MTP has been uninstalled, cleaned up with McAfee cleaning software, and reloaded several times.  This problem is not new, and has gone on for a couple of years.


      Does anyone at McAfee know the route cause of this problem wherein the Automatic Update feature does not work even though it is selected? Has a concrete solution ever been identified?


      Unless this problem is corrected, I will not renew any subscriptions to McAfee again.

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          Peter M

          It's more likely that the problem is in your system somewhere. 


          You say Vista is totally up to date, so it has Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed and, even if you don't use it, Internet Explorer is version 9.   Even if you don't use it, McAfee does so that last bit is equally important as other updates.


          Also check that you system clock is accurate not only for time but also timezone.


          Also SecurityCenter 11.0 is rather old, is it provided by your ISP or your PC maker by any chance?


          Run the Virtual Technician  as it can often correct errors on its own.




          Now don't expect updates to occur immediately or even at the same time each day as they do vary and sometimes a day can be missed.


          If that doesn't help, try uninstalling via Control Panel > Programs

          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

          Go to your online account and install the software.


          Now if all that still doesn't help, Technical Support is free of charge and available by phone or online chat, and it is linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Hi FlyingCapt,


            The version of Security Center appears to be very old (current version -> 12.8) I would suggest you remove McAfee from Control Panel > Run removal tool > Restart and login to McAfee home (home.mcafee.com) and download / Install McAfee from there.


            Post back the version info post installation..!

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              Thank you for your prompt reply.

              I used Control Panel/Programs to Uninstall MTP, and rebooted.  Then I ran MCPR Cleanup and rebooted. Then I reloaded MTP from my Subscription on the McAfee website, and rebooted.

              Downloaded MVT and ran it to correct a few problems, then ran it again after some update downloads were completed. No more problems detected by MVT.

              Now have Version 12.8 of Security Center.

              So far, after the computer has been on for over an hour, I have received no more messages saying my security is comprimised, and MTP updates are available.

              Hopefully, my issue has finally been resolved.

              Many thanks to you and pc_se4lvan for your helpful hints.

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                Peter M

                Glad you are OK now.