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    20 of our 40 machines are not updating - support claims it is an IE 11 issue but we only use the base protection - no browser plugin etc.


      I've had this issue for the past few months now. I've created two cases over the last two months through the SaaS portal and never got a reply from anyone. Finally this morning I decided I would call. After getting transfered twice and spending 30 minutes on the phone I was told EndPoint Protection WILL NOT update if you use Windows 7 with IE 10 or 11. I said that didn't make sense considering I have two identical machines (see screenshots) and updates apply on one but not the other - both with Windows 7 and IE 11. He then restated that it is in only "some cases". I was then point to this KB article:


      First KB article I was sent to:



      I quickly pointed out and explained that WE DO NOT USE Site Advisor or the browser plugin. It slows down the machine to a crawl and it isn't intalled on any of our machines. When I install I specifically uncheck Brower Support on the installer.


      I was put on hold for a while and he came back and said to look at this KB article:



      He is saying that EndPoint Protection will not recieve updates - even if I don't use the brower plugin because IE is used as "the defauly text browser" and it causes issues. He said - "this is an ongoing support issue that our engineers are working with Microsoft on." I asked him what my options are and he said I should roll the 20 machnes back to IE 9. Say what?


      This makes no sense to me. Why do half of the machines work? Manually running "Update Now" doesn't do anything. It just says "the last update failed" (See attachment). My dat files range in dates from October - last week on those 20 machines. All are set to auto-update with Windows and all are the same - either Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server R2. It's not as if they can't connect because in ALL cases the "Last Connect" date in the SaaS portal is after the Dat Date. (See attachment)


      I somehow don't buy the notion that McAfee just says - we can't make our updates work if your machine as IE 10 or 11. IE 10 has been out for almost 1.5 years. Updates worked fine for as long as I recall. It's just been the last 3 months that I have seen this issue.


      Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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