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    Removing DC service from ePo server


      Long story short: Installing DC on McAfee server was a mistake due to some misleading information.


      Now.. how would ePo react if I'd blow up DC on McAfee server and join it to workgroup, since it doesn't have to be joined to a domain.


      I was told that there will be a problem with SQL server being in the same host as DC. I don't have a dedicated SQL server at this moment.



      Bad decisions have been made, I'd like to fix them.


      OS: Windows Server 2012 Standard

      ePo: 5.1.0

      SQL: MS SQL Server 2012 Express


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          Laszlo G

          Hi Rami, i think that changing ePO from a domain to a workgroup can cause problems involving de ssl certificate of the server because its FQDN will change and the apache won't be able to start with a wrong certificate (this can be solved creating again the ssl certificate)


          As for the SQL I don't think you should have any problems but only check permisions for the user you have configured to connect to sql as it will be a workgroup user and not a domain one (unless you're using SQL authentication instead of windows one)