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    EPO and Agent to server communication port 80


      Hi all


      Having a bit of a problem....


      Got a Server running EPO 4.5 and agent 4.0, yes I know it's old


      Have installed EPO 5.1 on a new box.


      When i then try to send out an agent redeploy from the new EPO server I have problems because agent 4.0 communicates on Port 80.

      And my EPO 5.X of course 443.


      Now, what do I need to do?


      Upgrade all of the agents to an agent using 443 before I can have them managed by EPO 5.X


      Change the port in EPO 5.X to port 80 and redeploy agents then when job done change port back to 443


      Anybody who done something like this ?