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    Windows XP unable to reinstall McAfee (ATT)


      Had an update failer with Mcafee so uninstalled it.  Tried to download and install (reinstall) several times without success..."Couldn't install ..." "update required"   Update link didn't work or did nothing


      Ran virtural Technician  -  tried to reinstall still no success


      Ran the McAfee removal tool - tried reinstall still no success


      Ran the preinstall  - still no success


      Running Windows XP SP3  downloaded from the ATT web site....



      Any ideas

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          First of all you'll have to log out of the forums and back in again using the name drtjr as I have removed the email part of your user name for your own safety and security.


          I don't suppose it indicated which file was missing?


          Make sure that XP is totally up to date especially IE which should be IE8.  Even if you don't use it as your browser, McAfee does.  Use the Microsoft Update option in Windows Update and use the Custom option to scan for all updates.


          Uninstall again and this time run the MCPR cleanup tool and then reboot.


          Run the McPreinstall tool and then try downloading from your online accouint again.

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            Thank Your for your quick response.


            Your right I use Chrome....and no it didn't indicate what file(s) were corrupted.


            I did uninstall and reinstalled IE 8 and checked for updates.


            ran the mcafee programs as you stated and things appear to have installed ok.  At least it didn't give me the error  and is running a scan.


            Should I have any further issues I'll let you know...



            Does Mcafee not like chrome, firefox or safari.

            Firefox and chrome do seem to be much faster than IE

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              It's not a question of liking one or the other,  The McAfee interface is an actual IE page, albeit an internal one and it relies on IE for all its functions.  That doesn't mean you have to use IE yourself or have it set as default.   I have Firefox as my default browser.


              Anyway, it;s good news that the software seems to be OK now.   Good luck ;-)