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    McAfee On-Access Scanner is a big hindrance


      I downloaded McAfee Internet Security because I had a spare. For the first week, nothing was wrong, everything was well, and a bunch of potential malware were removed.


      However, after that first week, MCAfee On Acess scanner program takes a huge amount of resources for such a beefy computer I have.

      I run:

      Intel Core i5-4570 CPU

      GTX 660

      8 GB 1333MHz RAM

      1 TB 7200 RPM HDD


      This computer is designed to be really fast and snappy, yet my daily tasks are always slower due to the fact that McAfee On-Access Scanner takes to 50% of CPU usage, I play games alot on this computer too. Normally I can run a game fine, but when I try now, the game takes forever to load and i get drastic reduction in performance- down to 2 FPS. I checked my hardware and it is running is good condition, but the process mcshield.exe is taking too much resources. It never usually did this until after a week after I got the product, and I want to keep this program on for security. Help?


      PS. Games I play are multiplayer FPS'S like Battlefield 4(It usually gets 60-100 FPS on average... ichecked. )

      Also easy web bvrowsing and opening of items takes much longer, something that shouldn't be happening with a wicked-fast computer.

      McAfee programs are all up-to-date.


      Thanks in advance.


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