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    Concerns regarding privacy policy




      I am using the McAfee Security Center software pre-installed with my Dell computer. I think McAfee is a great software but I have a few concerns with the privacy policy.


      From reading the privacy notice on the website, it is unclear of what information actually gets shared with McAfee.


      For instance-


      1) When I run any scan on my computer, are the files or any part of the files (documents, emails, photos, videos) shared?


      2) Are my internet activities - browsing history, data sent to third parties - intercepted and deliver to McAfee?


      Thank you in advance. Would like to hear any response before I recommend this software to anyone.

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          1)  No, just basic computer details.

          2)  No I don't believe so.


          Customer Service would hopefully be able to clarify that for you.  It's a free phone call or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            McAfee (02:25:31):
            No files will be shared with McAfee while running scan.

            Customer (02:26:49):
            What about browsing histories?
            Customer (02:26:55):
            How is that info used?

            McAfee (02:27:08):
            McAfee will monitor the activitied on the internet. That means, when you go on a website which may cause infections it will give a warning about that.

            Customer (02:27:55):
            So McAfee doesn't store a list of URLs I visited?

            McAfee (02:28:09):
            No, McAfee will never store such details.

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              I thought so, hope that answers your questions.


              To me it would be illogical for a security software company to act in an insecure manner like that.


              We'll leave that kind of thing to certain Governments,  not to mention specific ones of course.