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    Download Product with Virus


      Every time I try to download information from my computer, McAfee always tells me the following:  This product contained a virus and was deleted.   I cannot download any info from Microsoft or any other vendor.


      I need Help


      nick k

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          quite likely your machine is infected - have you run a full scan lately?

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            Hi Niko46k,

                      Since "a248.e.akamai.net" is a legitimate site-Server, even some Microsoft downloads are obtained from Akamai Technologies. To include their servers are used to deliver "Anti-Virus Updates" from various Security Vendors,,(To include McAfee).


                       It seems that you have picked up a nasty infection. I recall a year or so back, having to remove a variant of the "Siref Virus" from my daughters system. I mean to cause you no undue concern, and hopefully one of the Moderators-Techs can confirm this...or not?


                      I reccommend rebooting in "SafeMode" and running a scan. If what I have determined is true...it will be difficult to try and "Download and install" other apps. Is your current Anti-Virus up to date? I will leave any further suggestions up to the Moderators-Techs.


                      You can "Right click" on the McAfee icon in "Safe Mode" and run a scan. If nothing else, you can click on start,and type in "Mrt" and bring up the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and run it. If you are current and up to date with all Windows updates, to include Internet Explorer11.  (Depending on what OS you have?)


                        Again, hopefully one or the other will pick this thread up, and advise you accordingly..as I am only a McAfee consumer....I hope that I am wrong?


            Wishing you the best,



            P.S.- Evidently I was responding the same time as Safeboot was...


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              Peter M

              Moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance as a better spot.


              It's hard to say what's going on here.  Are you by any chance using a download manager rather than downloading directly through your browser?   You could try using s different browser, at least temporarily, to allow you to download and run some extra tools.


              Try running Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, see the last link in my signature below.


              If that fails to help then run Hijackthis and post its log on one of the specialist forums I recommend farther down that link.


              Lastly, and once this issue is sorted out, make sure that your operating system is absolutely up to date, including ALL browsers and their add-ons.

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                Thanks Ex_Brit 


                                  I returned from editing my post,and thought I was "Losing my mind" !  I didn,t see this post...

                Man you are "Quick' !!!!

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                  Peter M

                  At my age speed has much more to do with my ISP's connection than anything else, I assure you....;-)

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                    I hear ya !!! Lol...

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                      I agree with SafeBoot.  One of the programs detected as a virus and deleted came from download.microsoft.com, and that is enough to both raise the alarm and indicate a possible means of infection of the downloaded file.


                      The file you were asking for presumably exists on the Microsoft servers and is malware-free (I very much hope so, anyway). I see a number of places where the file is alleged to be available (on torrent sites) and I wouldn't trust any of them; but coming from Microsoft it is more-or-less guaranteed to be safe.


                      So it's safe when it leaves the Microsoft server but is infected when it arrives at your PC? This suggests it is being modified somewhere en route, which in turn suggests a MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack where the traffic is routed through an intermediary server and tampered with before being sent on to you. That sort of attack in turn implies that you have some sort of infection already on your system which allows the MITM attack to be set up.


                      Follow Safeboot's advice and update your McAfee, then run a Full Scan. Just to be sure you should probably run a second scan with another AV product to minimise the chances of a new piece of malware evading detection. In cases of serious infection I always look to Microsoft's Safety Scanner for a second opinion; other scanners are of course available.

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                        Appreciate the comfirmation of my initial conclusion as well.

                        Thank You.....