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    SiteAdvisor and Firefox



      I also started having problems with the last update of McAfee Total Protection 2014 with McAfee SiteAdvisor.
      I use the Firefox browser, which is updated in the latest version 27.0.
      When McAfee SiteAdvisor was at version Firefox 26.0 and 27.0 worked well when it was updated to version started having problems.
      After 3-5 minutes have Firefox open, the process in Firefox on computer cpu goes to 50% and then oscillates up to 100% leaving me to get to use Firefox because it is very slow.
      When is the new update of McAfee releases McAfee SiteAdvisor to correct this problem?
      Again I remember in version there was no problem.
      I hope the fastest possible solution.
      Thank you.

      Rui Porto (Portugal)








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          I took this out of the other thread because that is all about Chrome and SiteAdvisor.

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            Here at home almost cease to be able to use the computers to access the Internet, because after 5 minutes of having Firefox open Firefox is slow and did not let him do anything.




            This started after the last update to the SiteAdvisor Live.


            I hope this error is corrected as soon as possible.




            Rui Porto

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              Does it happen when using Internet explorer?


              Try removing Siteadvisor via programs and features and when asked remove only Siteadvisor. Reboot and try the net and see it issue still occurs. It it does or even if it does not reinstall siteadvisor from the Mcafee site.


              If still happening best to call support as they will assist you.


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                Site Advisor Live is working perfectly in Internet Explorer 11. However I might add, I am using the "3.6.4. ( Build 176).

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                  Hi oagard


                  This might be due to conflicting add-ons on Firefox. Please post back the list of add-ons and extensions you are using in Firefox for proceeding further..!

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                    Hello Peacekeeper,

                    I've uninstalled McAfee Total Protection 2014, and returned to install and the same thing happens.

                    I used the MCPR tool - 6.8.709.0 and Mcpreinstall -


                    This problem only started happening after the last update to McAfee SiteAdvisor Live, which was prior to version and Firefox has always worked well, after upgrading to version started this problem and Firefox get slow process Firefox cpu above 50% reaching 100% usage.


                    Rui Porto

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                      Hello Chinthanai Selvan P

                      See the pictures.


                      Rui Porto













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                        Hello catdaddy.

                        In my computers I have Windows XP PRO SP3 PT.

                        Although I have the browser Internet Explorer installed and updated the latest version available for Windows XP, I do not use because I do not like.

                        I have Windows with all updates made.


                        Rui Porto







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                          Hi oagard,


                                    Welcome to the Community. As with anything, it is entirely each individual,s preference to which Browser in which one chooses to use. I have used both Chrome and Firefox in the past. However , after having to remove infections obtained through both Firefox and Chrome from my Daughter,s machine.


                                     And to include their frequent Version updating of their Browsers respectively. Which as you can see does create issues with popular Extensions-Add ons. I have chosen to use Internet Explorer 11, for It renders pages just as fast,if not faster than the others. And I never have the reoccurring issues it seems, as Chrome-Firefox users do.


                                     Plus I have never once been compromised by doing so. ( That doesn,t mean it couldn,t happen )


                                   By showing your Screen Capture above... Are you experiencing the same issues in IE8 with Site Advisor,as you are in FireFox- Chrome? Just wondering?


                          Kind Regards,



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