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    Data Center Connector (VSPHERE) Compatible or not




      I'm actually ready to migrate my ePO 5.0.1 to the 5.1 version but there is an information missing to me


      on the compatibility list (updated on 15 january) i see this


      Data Center Connector for vSphere3.0.xTBD

      but if i execute the upgradecompatibility tool to check my server, it seems that with the last version ( from October é013) installed into my 5.0.1, the result is "No incompatibility"


      The check with the tool has been launched with the xmlfile downloaded from the web so normally the last version


      Somene can tell me where is the truth ?


      I'm in a hurry because we will deploy Move on 30 Hypervisor in a few weeks and it's time for us to prepare the epo server (wich one)