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    Proxy HA-nodes in different data centers

    Rene Moj


      currently we have a cluster consisting of two virtual appliances, which are running in one Datacenter. We would like to move one of the proxies to another datacenter. Those data centers are connected through a 1 GBit link. Are there any concerns if the proxies would be separated like this? (maybe problems regarding latency?) Is this constellation even supported or do they have to be "directly" connected?


      Could we prevent latency problems by increasing this value:





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          are we talking about central management or HA here?


          Separate locations should not be a problem, but for central management it is important that each node can talk to each other (e.g. bi-directional communication is possible). For HA it is important that some data is exchanged via multicast/broadcast messages, so you have routing between both nodes you may run into some issues.




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            Rene Moj


            thanks for the quick reply. Basically the network setup is "Proxy HA". The two applicances are in a cluster and central management is also configured, but only on this two nodes-we have a separate VLAN in which the management interfaces are. So each appliance has two interfaces..the management interface and the interface for user traffic. hope this answers you question.


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