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    mcafee cannot remove adware

      When i installed bf2142, it also instaled gamepsy comard which i uninstalled but mcafee keeps detecting it in the registery and will not remove it, i click remove and its not being removed...says a lot...either way i wish to remove this file so help?
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          Post the registry entry that is not being removed, full path.
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            ummm how do i find the file, do i have to scan again or i can check some logs or something as such :).null
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              Yes most likely you will have to scan, if it is just a registry entry being detected then it is orphaned and can do no harm.

              Make a not of the registry entry and post it here.
              • 4. mcafee cannot detect botnet
                im getting annoied, RUBotted from trendmicro just informed me of botnet, and I 100% believe it. i went to neweeg.com, i meant to go to newegg.com but freaken typo...Now once i went there Rubotted went Botnet detected, and i just finished scanning with mcafee and it says im "clean". im useing Trend micros scan and see if it detects anything, if mcafee cannot detect anything im not going to advise people to buy this product anymore, im considering of buying a new antivirus myself having hearing the bad comments of mcafee
                now, to change my mind how about mcafee detecting this botnet hm?
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                  Who or what is Rubotted? Typing this without very much punctuation and/or caps where necessary makes reading it a bit confusing.

                  Botnet is a jargon term for a collection of software robots, or bots, that run autonomously and automatically.

                  To protect against such threats one has to be careful, use appropriate protection, such as an anti-virus, anti-spyware tools and a good browser security checker such as SiteAdvisor.

                  No anti-virus is perfect and no two anti-virus applications will detect things exactly the same if at all.

                  If you are running two anti-virus applications at the same time, don't. That's a dangerous practice.

                  By all means run extra anti-spyware though. I suggest that you run the free version of this tool: http://www.superantispyware.com/superantispywarefreevspro.html

                  Without any more information, such as your operating system, service pack level and version numbers of your installed McAfee products it's difficult to advise further.

                  Do you have an infection or are you just asking why McAfee didn't detect a botnet...? A name for it would help.
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                    Just realised that this is most likely a continuation of your original thread so merged the two.
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                      RUBotted is Are You Botneted,Made by trend micro to detect weather you have a botnet or not.
                      Ive had SUPERAntiyspyware for ages :),Im windows vista SP1,32 bit home premium.
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                        Well what was it at Newegg.com that you are worried about? I use them and have never experienced any issues. If it was tracking cookies then that would be normal and perfectly safe in that case.
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                          I never said newegg.com was the problem, I said the problem was neweeg.com I meant to type egg but i spelled eeg...
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