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    Re: "Unable to Mount SBFS" caused by using Wintech?


      On the topic of this issue, that SBFS gets corrupted after a WinPE 3 boot and usage of WinTech.exe or EETECH.exe, could we have some best practice?

      I myself faced the problem recently and have had to request the code of the day and DB file to access my encrypted HDD (that has bad sectors and can't boot).

      I previously used a BertPE boot CD that does not seem to have the issue.

      I created boot CDs using resources on this page:


      (Note that the scripts were not working. I had to correct them. Some double-quotes were missing, the "support files" were not copied/included because the path to them was wrong, wim and ISO are created under "PETOOLS" folder of WAIK etc etc.)

      If taking the disk offlien is enough, maybe a script exemple could be useful to us?



      Now it seems that I can remove EEPC with WinTech (I have the CoD and Recovery file). I have a "Remove EEPC" window, that displays  :

      SafeBoot removal process started

      Opening Disk Manager

      Starting Decryption


      And it has been there for hours now. Is it normal ?

      Isn't there a progress bar of some kind?

      The HDD LED blinks every second, but I don't know if that is caused by WinTech operations.

      I am afraid of stopping the decryption process because as I see it, it could very well render the system completely corrupted !

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