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    Unable to Blocking Streaming Videos




      I am using McAfee Web Gateway and i want to block streaming videos from any website. I have created policy in Media Type Filtering Policy-->Download Media Types-->Block Streaming Media criteria of Block Streaming Media policy is "Stream Detector.isMediaStream<Default Streaming Detection> equals true and the action is block still i am able to watch streaming videos. Kindly let me know how do i block streaming videos or what all policy can be created for blocking of streaming videos.



      Hardik Kothari

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          Any particular reason you are not blocking by URL category?

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            I'd be interested to hear the outcome of issue as I've recently rolled out MWG version 7.3 and have a similar issue.


            We are blocking Streaming media at the URL category level & at the Download Media Type level just incase for any reason it gets through, however whilst BBC iPlayer is blocked, BBC Live Streaming still gets through and works. Upon investigation it seems to be how the Live stream from the BBC website is sent to the users browser (/text), however I'm still trying to troubleshoot.


            Any input would be appreciated.

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              It is just a testing, In the production environment i will be having scenerios where lot of material is published along with streaming videos so wanted to see if we can allow particular site and block streaming. I have enable another policy in Download media type i.e  Block Not detectable data which blocks video streaming. But i am not sure that whether it is a correct policy or not.



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                I've found the Block Not Detectable Data rule successfully blocks Streaming Media, but has had a knock on affect where users have been unable to download documents (MS Word, PDFs etc) from external sites as the Webgateway has been unable to determine what the file type was - and has blocked it.

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                  Ok. I have disabel not detectabale data policy and have enable Block Types From Download Media Type Blocklist and in Download media type blocklist have all the streaming and videos content from the tempelate and it block playing videos from youtube and couple of other websites. Please check whethere it is working with you.



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                    Can you provide us several URLs that you're able to watch independent on the block?

                    Do you see corresponding URLs in the access.log?


                    Please, take into account that flash-based & RTMP-based players often bypass the MWG, and connect directly to the internet if their specific ports aren't blocked on firewall

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                      Im evaluating Web Gateway Virtual Appliance v.7.4.2

                      I have got simular problems. When blocking form download all entries in Videos and Streaming, for example Bloomberg tv (http://www.bloomberg.com/tv/) and Youtube are still getting through.

                      Vimeo is unable to play videos with this setup, which is fine. Youtube has problems with scrolling videos, but normal play is working fine. Bloomberg streams are working at full capacity )