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    Audit Copy - Original Recipient stripped from audit copy?


      Using the "Audit Copy" feature of MEG 7.5 to send original copies of e-mails for specific recipients to a specific "audit" mailbox.


      The audit mailbox sits on a different SMTP relay than the original e-mails. (for example, the original e-mails are for user@domain.com and are routed to relay1.domain.com  and the audit mailbox that gets the audit copies is generic@audit.com and is routed to relay2.audit.com)


      I noticed that the copy received by the "audit" mailbox does not show the original recipient in the e-mail headers. The "TO:" field will always show "undisclosed-recipients" instead of the original recipient.


      Is this normal? Is there any way around this so that the audit copy shows the original recipient ?


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