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    McAfee firewall will not turn on / BFE won't start


      I'm trying to set up a home group between a laptop running Windows 8.1 and desktop running Windows 7. The problem I have is that my McAfee service center is blocking sharing. When I go to turn off the McAfee firewall it says it's off, but then on the "home" page of the McAfee program it says the firewall is on. I go to Services and ensure BFE and Windows Firewall Service are started and both are NOT started yet both are set to Auto start. I get errors when trying to start either of these services. I have ran Malwarebytes and although it cleaned up a couple viruses (or something) , I restarted my PC and still have the same issue. I'm assuming there is a Trojan or something similar causing these issues but not sure how to fix it without doing a restore of the OS. I don't need the home group that badly so I'm not fooling with a system restore at this point. Any guidance is much appreciated.