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    manual botnet deploy


      Using manager with M3050 sensor at  Manually download botnet.  Within the dashboard it says Active Botnet Detectors Version = 503 but when i go to the device->deploy pending changes to try to deploy there is nothing listed.   What step am i missing?

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          Have you enabled Advanced Botnet Detection on the sensor?  Go to Devices > IPS Interfaces > *interface* > Protecton Profile, and select the Advanced Botnet Detection option for the interfaces you wish to use this with.  You should be able to push the botnet DAT with the next configuration push to the sensor.

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            It could also be because your sensors already received the updates from the manager. Maybe an automatic deployment of sig sets and botnet has been configured.


            Check your Device's Summary and look on the Botnet Detector version to check the current version it has.