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    Real time scanning and firewall turned off


      My firewall turned itself off last Thursday but I could turn it back on and then a bit later it would do the same


      Now, it won't turn back on and it's effecting the real time scanning


      I contacted online chat support and they weren't very helpful but told me I might have a virus


      They gave me a number for which they said was virus removal service but it wasn't


      I only had access to mobile so it's cost m loads to ring


      I didn't get through directly to virus removal


      They really weren't helpful. I want answers, I'm so close to deleting mcafee and using another virus software.

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          Hi user87,

                    I checked to see if by chance there were any Moderators logged in to assist you.

          Unfortunately it seems to not be the case. However, I am certain eventually there will be

          and I am confident they will elaborate in more depth, in attempting to resolve your issues.


                      It is my understanding you unsuccesfully contacted Chat Support. In certain instances

          there is a need for your issues to be escalated to a Higher Tier Tech to assist you. You have to request

          such yourself. You can in addition contact Support via Phone- Toll Free 24/7.


                      By not knowing your Geographical location, I am at a loss to furnish you the Toll-Free Number.


                    In any case, I hope you recorded the Ticket # for your online Chat Session. This will assist the

          Tech in being aware of what has been done so far. Did you by chance run the McAfee Virtual Technician

          Tool, before your Chat Session? If so you should have a Session ID # for that as well.


                    Since the Tech thought you may have a infection, there are some Superb Free Tools you can run,

          to check if indeed you have an infection. These tools are compatible with McAfee as well. I suggest you

          click on the link I will provide, and scan with the available applications.


                     I suggest you try "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware "  ( Free Version ) only. DO NOT accept the trial version,or activate it. For the "Free" Version will detect and remove the same as the Paid Version, less the

          RTS Module which causes conflicts with your McAfee Software.


                    This can be ran in Normal/Safe Mode/Safe Mode w/ Networking. In addition you can scan with the

          latest version of Stinger. Here is the link.....Download and save to your desktop, and close all browsers-applications and install. You may be required to reboot should any detections be found,to completely remove them from your system.


          If I am not mistaken, you need to "Right Click" on the Stinger App, and left click on "Run as Administrator" in Windows 7,8,8.1.






                     After scanning your system, Make certain that you are fully updated with Windows, to include

          Internet Explorer 11 ( for Windows 7 SP1), (8,8.1)  ( Vista SP2-IE9) even if you do not use it. Because McAfee and other programs

          do in order to function properly. In addition any add-ons you may have as well.


                     Go to http://mvt.mcafee.com  and download and install McAfee Virtual Technician. You can run this tool to attempt to resolve your Firewall/ Real Time Scanning Issues. Should for some reason MVT does

          not resolve all issues.


                    The next step would be is to do a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall. Go to Control Panel, Program and Features- Add/Remove and uninstall your McAfee Software/ Restart.  After Windows fully loads, obtain the Latest " MCPR Tool"  (McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool) which can be found at the top of this page, under "Useful Links"


                     Download and save to desktop, and close all browsers-applications, and install. Upon completion

          it should state.."Clean-up" Successful. Restart to finish removal of all features. Then either go to your account if purchased directly from McAfee, sign into your account and Download and install your Software.


                      If provided by a 3rd party,or your ISP then simply go to the appropiate area, and sign in and

          do the same as mentioned above. Hopefully your issues will have been resolved. If not post back your Geographical Location so as you can contact Technical Support via Phone. By Geographical Location...I mean (Country).


          Here is additional information, with links as well should you by chance did not purchase

          directly from McAfee.


                                               http://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oG7ku7zeVS5hwAhTZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzYWc5bjZxBHN lYwNzcgRwb3MDNARjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1ZJUDM2OV8x/SIG=12c1016gr/EXP=1390820923/**htt p%3a//service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx%3fid=TS101331


          Kind Regards,



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