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    Navigation Tree - Default Display


      When first logging into the Nitro interface, the default display on the left side is Physical Display.


      Somehow, this changed to be one of the Custom Displays I created.


      Question 1:  Where is the setting to change this back so the default display is once again Physical Display?





      The above must be related to the next problem.


      Navigate to the following:

      Policy Editor ==> Rule Type Correlation ==> Adding Match Component Filter ==> The filters defined below should apply to Events ==> Add ==> Filter Component Device ID ==> In ==> On the Devices tab, the only option available is the same Custom Display from question 1 above, instead of Physical Display which previously was there.



      Question 2:  How to make the Physical Display available instead of only having my Custom Display available to pick from for the Device ID filtering criteria?

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          Scott Taschler

          Normally the display is selected via the popup menu in the top-left corner.




          Each user has a default display that is visible under user options (top right corner).



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            Thank you for the reply. However, I am not referring to changing Displays. I referring to the default Desplay which is displayed immediately after logging in.


            I found the setting to change what I am referring to in the following location:

            In the upper right hand corner, Options ==> Default Display

            Select the preferred display from the drop down list.



            As a side note, I am confirming this setting is linked to what I am referring to in question 2.


            Thank you.

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              When you create a new custom navigation tree, there is a checkk box to make it the "Default Display" - edit the Navigation Tree item that is currently the default, and un-check the box - it should revert back to the Physical Display.

              This should be a per-user setting.

              This should really be under the "Options" for the user, similar to the "Views" - sounds like another PER.


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