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    Total Protection Dialogs not resizing properly with custom scale setting


      I have McAfee Total Protection running on Win 8.1 with a FHD (1920x1080) screen,  With the display scaling set to the "standard" vlaue of 100%, 125% and 150%, everything works fine.


      However, if I use a custom setting (eg 132%), a small problem arises.  Down the right-hand side of each screen, there is a dark grey menu (Home, Navigation Help etc), and at the bottom of the menu, there is a semi-transparent information box about the last scan (eg files scanned, viruses detected etc).  The problem is that this menu column and info box at this scale setting now overlay the main part of the screen.  In particular, in the dialog to set the scan schedule, it is necessary to scroll down to reach the "Apply" button - but the info box prevents access to the scroll bar., as shownScheduleScan.jpg



      It seems that the program can cope with the "standard" scale settings, but not Custom settings.


      Is there a fix for this?