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    Scheduled Scans?


      My PC seemingly usually has scheduled scans set around 4 am, once a week or every few days. However, when I was just about to log off my computer just now, I noticed it had a scheduled scan already running that apparently had just started?


      I'm probably being over-analytical, but any reason why a scheduled scan was a few hours early than normal? Could a virus or something cause that? Just seemed kinda weird.


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          Is it possible that the previously scheduled scan was delayed for some reason?   It will try to start as soon as it can after the scheduled time.  Now for how long it would keep trying I have no idea.   Technical Support would be best to give an answer on this if you want to try them.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Morning Ex_Brit,

                         Glad I checked again, I was about to post for I was thinking the same. Especially if his settings were set as to wait until

            PC is idle, etc. Another thing was to make certain his date and time were synced -correct.

                          BTW...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!! -16 F

                          And I am only 300 miles from Disney World !!!


            Kind Regards   ,


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              5°F here Catdaddy....in the "sweltering" north...!!

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                Chuckle..."In the "Sweltering" North !!!!

                I have some Hearty Friends whom live in Mannitoba, Alberta, Scarbourough, etc.

                The one in Mannitoba said it was -43 F...Whew !!! I felt warmer already.


                Have a Good one...



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                  Scarborough is a suburb of my city, Toronto, affectionately nicknamed Scarberia.


                  Yes Manitoba gets very harsh winters.   We are also colder here than usual for this time of year but it seems that weather is weird world-wide.


                  Anyway, we digress and I am sure the OP would prefer we stay on topic.





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                    Oooops...True Dat !  Sorry  

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                      Hi Andrew C


                      It is likely to happen whenever Scheduled scans does not complete in the previous attempts. Though it might have started chances of PC getting into Sleep mode will end the Scan.


                      Also If the PC is Idle Scan initiates to make sure everything is fine provided the "Scan when PC is Idle"option selected.



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                        Hello.  I just wanted to jump in as I am having a similar problem.  My "scheduled scan" never runs at the selected time, and if anything is about 12 hrs off.  Today, for example, my 4 a.m. scheduled scan kicked off at 4 p.m., and while I was in the middle of a project so it was not like it picked a time when everything was idle.  Any ideas?  Is there a clock function inside McAfee that I can change or update?

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                          Go to navigation general settings and alerts and general settings and deselect wait till my PC is idle.


                          It will start on time or at least the time you set in scheduled scan settings.

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