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    More mfeapfk issues


      I have read a number of posts regarding issues with McAfee SW related to mfeapfk. My problem has been with a constant Driver_Power_State_Failure BSOD when I power down the PC. The PC is a Dell running XP Professional with SP3.  The problem started four or five days ago. Today, after reading the comments from others on this forum, I talked with McAfee tech support and they said that the problem was not connected with McAfee.  I had up to this point tried a number of things to attempt to see what was causing the problem but nothing helped so I decided to uninstall McAfee which did not go well as it hung part way through the uninstall process. While McAfee appears not to be activily running, parts of it are still within the system.  After my initial uninstall, the  problem still existed but I then went into device manager and disabled the McAfee drivers that still showed in device manager. Now my system shuts down normally.  One thing I noticed when I went in the system registry and tried Selvan's registry changes there were a large number of odd looking files under the mfeapfk folder ($%&'()*....). These odd files also appeared under other Mcafee folders in the sevices folder. All these odd files are still there even after uninstalling McAfee, which as I said did not uninstall very well .  I want to reinstall McAfee but not sure if it is OK or if my system is now goofed up due to the hung uninstall.  Any advice would be helpful.  It also seems that the McAfee product is causing various problems that their Techs are not aware of yet.


      Thanks in advance Craig

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          Peter M

          Reboot and then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot again.   All traces of the software should be gone.



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            Thanks Peter, it took care of all the stuff in the registry and left only a couple of drivers in Device Manager. Any opinion regarding reinstalling McAfee?  Does it have a problem that means that maybe I should wait for a couple of days / weeks?


            Thanks again, Craig

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              Peter M

              I would reinstall immediately but do it from the online account not from any CD you may have.   However, it's up to you of course.

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                Well I tried to reinstall, 3 times!!  The installation does not seem to be working. Have "chatted" with 2 different Techs and they are now supposedly going to move it to tech2 stage and someone is supposed to call tomorrow.  I have spent about 16 hours on this so far and it is a pain in the back side. It really seems that McAfee has an issue and doesn't have a handle on it. I am pretty close to canceling my subscription and taking my business else where.

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                  Peter M

                  Sorry you are having so much trouble but it isn't normal I assure you.  The trouble is each case is different because everyone has a different set up and the forums can only go so far in troubleshooting such things.  At leats support is on to it, good luck ;-)

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                    Hi Craig,


                    Sorry for all the Trouble you had. Could you please post the Service Request number that you received from the Technician so that I can have a glimpse of the current situation..!

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                      Hi Selvan,


                      The number is

                      484570-1411245372.  After I talked with them on Friday I tried a number of other things on my own to see if I could get McAfee to run. One of the things I did was the change to the registry for mfeapfk. I'm not sure what else I did as I was getting frustrated and was just trying a bunch of stuff without noteing what I tried (bad troubleshooting technique). Anyway it finally started working (I think) as the Security Center showed all was green and stated "Your Computer is Secure (no action required)".  Unfortunately now that McAfee was back up so was the BSOD when I shut the system down. Saturday I tried a number of things to see if I could isolate which McAfee Driver was causing the problem. If I disabled all the McAfee drivers the BSOD was gone at shutdown. I wasn't able to turn on each driver individually to see when the BSOD reappeared as some drivers could not be reenabled without others already enabled. I can start the PC in Safe mode and there is no BSOD, so I did a couple of power ups and reviewed the ntbtlog.txt. I did one in safe mode and one normal. The safe mode had no McAfee drivers shown while the regular boot showed all of them. I never did get a call from the level 2 Tech on Saturday but they did call today. He listened to a short version of my tale and said that he were going to review this with the other colleagues and call me back tomorrow. As I look at the drivers right now it shows McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport as not able to start because it said it could not load the required drivers,  mfeapfk shows as stopped with the message "This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)". Event viewer does not show any problems and Security Center indicates all is good.  I just remembered one thing I did do Friday which was to put McAfee Boot Delay Start Service in manual start mode and this stopped some errors I was seeing in Event Viewer, but I don't remember if that was possible one of the things I did to get everything in McAfee up and running after the third installation attempt. What I was seeing at first after the third installation was that Security Center was showing "Virus and SpyWare Protection" as attempting to start but the indicator just kept going around and around and never showed the feature working. The third installation was actually done after talking with the tech for the service number above. I tried it again on my own after having had another McAfee Tech actually remoted in and attempted the second install (after the first one I did earlier failed). She did a number of things and started the installation download and said it will work now and we parted ways before the proof was in the pudding. So, when it didn't work this second time I initiated the service call referenced by the number above and the tech looked at the history and said the first tech did all that they can do and told me he would escalate the problem up a level, which is apparently the guy who called today.


                      Sorry of the long story but I thougt I should give you as complete a story from my side as I could.


                      Thanks to both you and Peter for responding, and I'm sorry I sounded rather grumpy in the other post.