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    ePolicy not detecting Agent


      I installed ePolicy 5.1 on one of my servers and McAfee Agent on another and syncronized the System Tree to the Active Directory domain they are both part of (By the way, is there a way to do this using the WebAPI?), but the server with the Agent on it is still listed as Unmanaged after repeated Wake Up attempts 



      I have confirmed that the McAfee Framework service is running on the target server, so the Agent is running.


      The error I get in the Server Task Log is:


      1/24/14 9:17:36 AM  Waking up agent Testbed2 using NetBIOS 

      1/24/14 9:17:36 AM  Unexpected HTTP response code 500 received from remote computer 

      1/24/14 9:17:36 AM  Wakeup agent failed 

      1/24/14 9:18:16 AM  Expired. The task will be stopped. 


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          If the machine is showing 'unmanaged' then wakeup agent will not work.


          If you already have McAfee agent installed on the client machine then what if you intiaited agent server communication from the client machine (CmdAgent.exe /s and click on the tabs 1-collect and send props, 2- enforce policies etc). Do you see any error message there? If communicating successfully to the ePO server then please look for the duplicate entry for the machine in the ePO server.

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