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    Websteroids??? is this a virus?


      Hey guys,


      I got this websteroids installed on my computer and I have no clue what it is ... .


      Does anyone know anything about this program?  I been noticing lots of popups lately (surveys) on  every site I go on.


      My comp seems to be running slower as well , I did a full scan with no luck at all.




      Should I be worried about this program???


      Please help me out

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          Peter M

          Websteroids ia more of a PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program) than anything else, a nuisance in other words.   Be very careful downloading and installing things thyat there isn't unwanted 3rd party software added optionally.


          Try running Malwarebytes Free and maybe AdwCleaner both linked in the last link in my signature below.

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            Peter M

            Moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance as a better spot for it.

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              Hey thanks for the info , installing it right away

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                Peter M

                Good luck.

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                  Used both and sadly no luck, but I did notice my cpu usage went down after using both... so on the bright side it did fix something .


                  It's just pretty annoying that I can't get rid of these extra ads and surveys.

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                    Peter M

                    Try posting a Hijackthis or DDS log as instructed lower down that last link in my signature.   Those specialist forums probably will have good advice ofr you.  meanwhile checkm all your browsers for unwanted add-ons and get rid of any you don't need.

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                      Peter M

                      You could also try another tool, say SuperAntiSpyware Free, again see that link.

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                        I got this websteroids installed on my computer and I have no clue what it is ... .






                        You have to go and get it, it doesn't just appear out of nowhere.




                        It looks like a kind of fun application,

                        Websteroids is a free application that allows you to launch a game of Asteroids on any website and destroy it!



                        but it comes with a few small drawbacks ....


                        Is Websteroids free?

                        Yes, Websteroids is entirely free to use. In order to keep Websteroids free, we've partnered with high-quality ad providers and you may see additional ads when Websteroids is installed. We do not allow any really annoying ads, sexual content, or intrusive media; we've only partnered with high-quality ad providers to deliver the best user experience possible, while also trying to help with some of our costs to keep Websteroids free. If you find any ads annoying, please let us know.




                        The site is at pains to make it clear that uninstalling it should be easy ....


                        If I don't like it, is it easy to uninstall?

                        Yes, we strive to make uninstalling Websteroids as easy as possible (we hate annoying un-installers as much as you do). If you don't like Websteroids (but we're sure you will!), you can uninstall with no trace left behind. In order to do this, please follow these steps:

                        • Windows Control Panel: Click Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs > Websteroids
                        • Windows Program Files: Click Start > Computer > C Drive > Program Files > Websteroids > Uninstall
                        • Internet Explorer: Settings > Manage add-ons > Toolbars and Extensions > Websteroids
                        • Firefox: Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > Websteroids > Remove
                        • Chrome: Tool icon > Tools > Extensions > Websteroids > Trash Icon



                        ... but, hey, it might not be.


                        We are continually working to ensure that our installation / uninstallation process is as simple and easy as possible. From time-to-time however, we have noticed that various differences in our users' systems and/or the running of various 3rd party applications can break or affect the ability of our installer to run properly. This section describes a few known issues and steps that can be taken to successfully uninstall Websteroids under these conditions.




                        See that page for what to do if uninstall doesn't work first time.


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                          Websteroids is a nasty piece of scumware that was created by sociopaths/psychopaths who delight in screwing up computers. This crap was creating havoc and took my memory usage to 84% without any other programs running.


                          I tried to remove it from my computer with every piece of software that claimed to be able to remove it and the actual files are locked and cannot be deleted. Not one of them worked, so I fixed it by renaming the .exe files to .txt files and set them to open with Wordpad. I then opened the files with Wordpad and deleted the contents. Saved the files and was then able to delete them. Ho hum...fixed!  The various anti-virus/malware etc companies haven't got a clue when it comes down to my level of troubleshooting expertise.


                          Have fun and enjoy!

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