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    Nokia Lumia security




      I've tried installing mobile security on my Nokia Lumia 520 and it keeps coming up with an error, is this phone supported?



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          Is this the actual McAfee Mobile Security or part of another suite such as LiveSafe or All Access?


          Doesn't that phone use the Windows Phone 8 operating system?  I don't believe any McAfee consumer products support that.


          You can check the System Requirements for the various software suites by click Products on this page:  http://home.mcafee.com/Default.aspx?culture=EN-GB


          If you made a purchase recently you can obtain a refund from Customer Service - see Useful Links at the top of this page.  It's a free phone call.


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            Its Livesafe on Windows 8, it works fine on my PC which is on Windows 8

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              OK so you would use the add device plus sign on your account page to add anything.  But Windows Phone 8 isn't a supported OS I'm afraid.


              This is the extent of that coverage:


              • Google Android smartphone and tablet 2.3 or later
              • iOS 5 or higher (supported by McAfee LiveSafe SafeKey and McAfee LiveSafe Personal Locker)