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    Unix hostname resolution


      Hello all,


      Was wondering whether anyone has managed to get MVM to resolve the hostname of Unix/shell based devices?  It appears as though MVM does not have the capability to do so, unless the shell based system is running NetBIOS over TCP/IP (which is a very uncommon configuration in the unix world).  Secondly, the Assets table in the database only has a field for NBName (NetBIOS name) which leads me to believe it was not designed to retain the hostname for a unix device.  I have a hard time understanding the tool does not write back the hostname attribute even if it has credentials to authenticate to the system.  Clearly is would have the necessary level of access to obtain the hostname.



      This creates even more problems as the asset reconciliation rules provide little benefit when scanning non Windows devices.  You cannot typically resolve MAC addresses or hostnames for these devices so your only values to work with are IP address or epoID (if you use this) and DNS (which is not reliable when you have web servers with 100 + IP addresses).  Are there any others facing this issue?  I did submit a PER some time back but have not heard much in terms of this being a prominent/noticed issue for the tool.