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    Increase activity of adware PUPs




      I've seen an increase activity in adware recently,  users getting a lot of pop-ups.  The cause is always unwanted programs such as mobogenie, Search Protect, New Player and PeepPrice or other things like that.

      These are all removable from add/remove programs and aren't detected by Mcafee, since they are technically legit softwares.


      I've been thinking of adding the executables in the PUP policy to block them,  or even the installer's executables if i knew what was installing it.

      We don't want to stop users from installing softwares, but I want to stop these PUPS.


      Has anyone found a good way of blocking them?   Did anyone already compiled a list of the executables for these types of software I could use and add them to the PUP policy?


      Any help with this would be great, our ticket volume for viruses almost doubled in the last few weeks because of these.