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    Outlook 2010 & McAfee VirusScan 8.8




      I am moving computers over to our new IT server which has new ePO 5.1.0(build: 509).


      I'm using: VirusScan 8.8.0 with AntiSpyware Enterprise 8,8, McAfee Agent 4.8, SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus 3.5.0 and Data Loss Prevention


      In the transfer process I have noticed a problem which I am really unsure about and need some help.


      The problem is when the computer first logs in and you open Outlook it doesn't update the inbox. The strange thing is to resolve you close Outlook and re-open and works fine.


      The problem only happens with computers who I have moved accross to new McAfee, as previous version was 8.7.


      I have proved it's McAfee as on a troublesome computer I have disabled the services on McAfee, restarted the computer and the problem goes away.


      Anyone lend a hand to me resolving this as it's stopped my project until I have resolved?


      Thanks in advance,



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          The only problem we had going from VSE 8.7 to 8.8 was Outlook's extend.dat, which is stored in


            %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\extend.dat











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            The thing that totally bit us in the kiester with 8.7 to 8.8p2  wrt to Outlook 2010 was this gem:  

            Outlook 2010 stops responding or has performance issues after VSE 8.8 mail scan plug-in is loaded



            Until p4 gets released at least, you'll probably want to disable on-deliver scanning of email unless you want to frustrate users with very intermittent, very hard to debug, might infuriate C level executives pauses in Outlook that hang the mailbox for 10-50 seconds when it happens.     You'll probably get smatterings of regular user complaints that aren't actionable, frequent enough, or indicative of VSE enough  until someone important enough says that it's driving them entirely bonkers, and them someone stumbles on some discussion threads like these after googling "outlook 2010 hang mcafee" on a hunch that Mcafee is probably involved somehow.


            It took us a few months to get a bead on it.   Once we disabled on delivery scanning in 8.8, the problem evaporated. 


            At least I'm not bitter.  :-)  


            Product management:  please get p4 released?  Pretty please?


            (this issue was in addition to fighting against 8.7's access protection and an apprent bug in ePO and 4.8 agent wherein older 4.0 agents would apparently not take the "disable access protection"  policy directives on an epo 4.6.6... which  made installing an upgraded agent and/or VSE 8.8 next to impossible on older agents in a 4.6.6 ePO environment.   Upgrading agent 4.0 to 4.5 on the way to 4.8 appeared to work around all that fun).






            on 1/23/14 4:05:47 PM CST
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              Thanks for your advice.


              I disabled the Mail Scanner policy and still had the same trouble.


              So I removed the addin from Outlook and the problem was solved.


              How bizarre?