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    Error abandoning activation:[0xEE120002]


      I have issue when the endpoint encryption will integrate with ePO.

      Please give me advice.


      My enviroment is the following.



      -Windows2008R2 SP1


      -Mcafee Agent
      -Mcafee Endpoint Encyption 7.02.396
      -Mcafee Virusscan Enterprise 8.8.0

      -Windows7 Professional SP1 64bit


      The installation of Mcafee Agent, Endpoint Encryption and Virusscan Enterprise on client pc is completed,
      but it will be displayed Endpoint Encryption error code is - Activation Failure- and Endpoint Encyption status is inactive on the epo.

      I would run wakeup agent again, but the status is no changed.

      I could checked the MfeEpe.log which has Error abandoning activation:[0xEE120002] and Eary activation error:[0xEE800100].

      I have already checked the following url.

      It could not be showen the abnormal configuration.