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    Rovnix is rovnix.w still on my computer?


      How can I be certain that rovnix.w is not on my computer anymore?


      I got rovnix.w on my computer. (I was using antivirus software that was not Mcafee. I was getting odd error messages, my buddy says he opened an attachment to an email from some law firm for a notice to appear in some court in Texas, I googled and away I went.)  I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and that's how I discovered the name of the virus. (MSE said it couldn't remove it.) I then installed Mcafee Internet Security 2014, and it did not detect the presence of rovnix.w.  I tried all the suggestions on the internet and I think I might have successfully removed it. The last step I took was running malwarebytes and rescanning until nothing showed up. That's where I am now.