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    Slow startup, no scan, McAfee Scanner service "starting"


      I've just purchased a Dell Inspiron 2350 with Windows 8 64-bit and McAfee pre-installed.


      First, when I start up the machine, and find the McAfee button in the notifications, the button will not do anything.  Clicking and double-clicking does nothing, and right-clicking does not reveal any context menu.  This situation persists for several (2-5) minutes.


      Second, once the button becomes active, and I open the McAfee dashboard and try to start a scan, it simply sits there.  Once I hit the "scan now" link, the McAfee window appears to lock.


      The only clue I have found so far is under the Windows Services.  The "McAfee Scanner" service says "starting", and remains that way forever.  The Windows Services manager will not allow me to stop the McAfee Scanner service (or any of the other McAfee services), despite the fact that I'm an administrator.  (This last issue may be ignorance on my part.  This is my first exposure to Win-8, and it appears to have more than one "administrator" mode.  I clearly don't know how to turn on the "really-really-administrator" mode.)


      It has not run a single scan yet, and I can't figure out a way to successfully get one to start (either on-demand or scheduled, quick or full, ...).


      Any help would be appreciated.