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    DLP Content Filter on JPEG-Files on USB Sticks




      we´re evaluating the McAfee EPA+CDP Suite and we´re looking for a solution that can combine device control and content filtering. We have some travelers that are allowed to use USB-Sticks (all others are disallowed), but they only should have access on JPEG-Pictures and nothing else on that USB Stick. So my question is: is it possiable to configure DLP to filter Content on USB-Devices? If it is possiable, additionally must be ensured that really only JPEG-Files accessiable, for example: If I rename an .exe to jpg, it must be detectet. And is this Feature in the normal CDP Suite includet or is CDP-Advanced requiered?


      I would be glad, if someone can answer these questions. And maybe someone has a link for the configuration for this case.