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    ePO Web API capability questions


      Is it possible to perform the following tasks through the web API?


      1) Install Extensions

      2) Create Subgroups in the System Tree

      3) Set synchronization for a subgroup to Active Directory


      Thanks for your help.

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          I just found another thing I need to try to automate to configure our McAfee products.


          Is it possible to import Automatic Responses from an XML file through the Web API?

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            I don't think any of those can be done through supported commands in the web API.  Most of those tasks are one-time configuration type things that we would expect to be done by someone at the console vs. ongoing automation.


            For the group creation you might be able to get around it by creating a server task to import systems from file, and then calling that task from the web API; groups will be created when you import a file (if they have paths).