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    MAC 6.1.2 HF + EPO 5.1


      Hi MFE team,


      Was told that MAC 6.1.2 HF will RTW on 20 Jan 2014 US time.

      Went to my download portal and see it there along with the release notes saying it support EPO 5.1 .


      Tried to check them in and error comes up.


      Looks like EPO compatibility list is not yet updated ?


      <extension name="Solidcore" display="Solidcore">

        <version ver="[1.0,">

         <epoInfo ver="5.0" needs="">block</epoInfo>

         <epoInfo ver="5.1">block</epoInfo>


        <version ver="*">

         <epoInfo ver="5.1">block</epoInfo>




      Any ETA when will the list will be updated ?


      Thank you.