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    Problems after changing domain, cannot complete database configuration


      We are expanding a network and we are now testing it in a test setup. We have changed the domain in which the epolicy orchestrator (4.6) server resides.


      Since then, we have been unable to login to the console. The error given were:

      - The Local Event Parser service is not running

      - A database error occurred while getting license information make sure your database server is currently running


      I think the problem is the login information and domain, I followed the advice in this article and had to use solution 3.



      It all seems to work, as can be seen in the enclosed screenshot, except that the Apply button stays greyed out after the connection is successfully tested.

      At first I suspected Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, as it warned that it had blocked certain content, but disabling it didn't help and I re-enabled it again.

      The SQL server is hosted on the same machine as epolicy orchestrator.


      I'm doubtful this is the only problem, but it would be a great step forward if I could at least update the login information.



      Is anyone familiar with this problem and able to help?


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