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    Custom package ePO fails


      Hi there


      I've been crafting a little tool in python and have been trying to include this into an ePO package.


      All goes well untill i try to deploy the package. 


      The tool runs on the target computer sucesfully, but somehow everytime ePO says deployment status: Failed.


      I've tried multiple ways of returning an exit status from the program, used sys.exit(0), os_exit(0), exit(0), quit(0), raising a systemExit manually. All to no avail.


      Now i'm trying to run the tool using a batch file. it tells me %ERRORLEVEL% is 0 when it finishes, and i exit using exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%


      What could be causing this deployment to fail all the time? I thought it was the exitcode generated that might not be returning to the ePO server, but the batch file seems to recognise it so it should be alright.


      I used Python 2.7 for the tool and compiled an exe using py2exe.
      The ePO server is a 5.1 ePO server, the agent used is 4.8.


      Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this deployment succeed? The tool runs, it's just ugly to have a "failed"  status in the console if its not necessary.


      Thanks alot in advance for your time and replies! It would be awsome if I could get this thing running cleanly