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    Issues with Windows 8.1


      During the last update, McAfee changed settings on Internet Explorer 11. The immersive browser still functions, but the Desktop browser shows an empty panel.


      I executed a chkdsk /r (2 hours of disk activity) followed by chkdsk /scan to verify that the disks were stable.


      The followup was an advanced restore point to a date prior to the last McAfee update. Unfortunately, IE11 Desktop still does not work.


      I then updated windows to restore the removed updates.


      McAfee virtual advisor was installed (before and during several phases of reconstruction) and does not show any system errors.


      Windows reports missing software on the system; but I was unable to determine what (if anything) was removed. The troubleshooter doesn't list any damage.


      Does anyone have an idea about why the Component Object Module for the browser is no longer linked to the browser container?  Entering URL's gets no response. I've checked the windows system logs and can't find anything in the logs to indicate what the failure might be. The interesting thing is that I can no longer get access to the options for displaying the menu or other tools.




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          Hi Mike,


          Does this happens in Internet Explorer alone or other Browsers as well.


          McAfee changed settings on Internet Explorer 11


          Could you be more specific on what settings that McAfee changed. Perhaps you could check on Event Viewer for More info..!

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            This issue is specific to the Desktop interface of IE11.


            I've loaded firefox temporarily in order to have a desktop browser and it works fine.


            Interestingly enough, the IE11 imersive browser (Windows 8.1 applet startup for IE) works fine. This (of course) takes the entire page making it extremely difficult to work.


            What happened was:


            I was using the Desktop browser. Everything was working without issue. Along came the notice that a McAfee software update came through ...


            There were no:


            Windows updates, software packages loaded, virus scans or other modifications to the system.


            After the notice of update, the Desktop browser stopped working.


            The event view no longer shows events; in fact when the snap-in is run it allows attempts to browse the logs and then unexpectedly quits.


            I cleaned the logs a couple of weeks ago (just after the windows 8.1 update). I've been monitoring the logs to see if Microsoft repaired a couple of issues with various services that I use. This was the first time I've checked the logs since the browser quit working.




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              Hi Mike,


              Were you able to pull up the Internet Options window? (Try Run dialogue > "inetcpl.cpl" > OK)


              In the Advanced tab click on reset button and check if that helps.


              Edit: I would suggest you Reset the Defaults of McAfee Firewall settings and check as well.


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                Thanks! Significantly better than uninstall/reinstall!

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                  Hi Mike,


                  Glad it worked for you..!