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    Question: Firewall Configuration for external Web Application Scans


      Hi everybody,


      I'm new to this community and I also do not have a lot of experience with the McAfee VM so please excuse my questions.


      I want to implement the following scenario:

      A Vulnerability Manager Scan Engine (appliance) should be placed in the internet and this scan engine should scan our web applications for vulnerabilities (we want to get the view like an prospective attacker will get when he tries to scan/attack our web applications). This Scan Engine should report the results of the scans to an internal Vulnerability Manager. The web application scan activities should be controlled centrally with the internal vulnerability Manager.

      *) Is it possible to implement such a scenario in a secure way?

      *) Which ports will be used by the external scan engine to transfer the result to the internal vulnerability manager?

      *) Will all the result from the external scanner be transfered via a secured channel to the internal VM?


      Thanks for your help in advance!


      Kind Regards,