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    LiveSafe Installation Incomplete due to incompatability with MS KB2862330


      I just purchased and successfully installed LiveSafe on 3 or 4 WinXP SP3 PCs at home.  I have spent the pass three(3) days troubleshooting the last PC which goes through most of the install process but ends up with the "LiveSafe Installation Incomplete" error message.  I have troubleshot, researched and follow a lot of the great suggestions on this forum and others and have narrow down my particular issue to an incompatability with the latest Microsoft Security Update  KB2862330 ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2862330) and the LiveSafe Installer.  By the way, the is a known Looping Installation issue with this MS Security Update, see See InfoWorld article http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/botched-windows-usb-driver-patch-kb -2862330-triggers-bsod-0x000000d1-or-0x000000ca-230201.


      I successfully installed all of the LiveSafe features with the exception of the Anti-Virus, by removing the KB2862330 and running the LiveSafe installer.

      So I have narrowed down the problem to some incompatability with KB2862330 and the McAfee Anti-Virus feature.  Perhaps KB286330 is not fully or properly installed/registered causing the looping condition and inhibiting the LiveSafe installer from successfully completing all the required tasks.


      I am hoping that someone in McAfee Product development provides a work around and/or reaches out to Microsoft to investigate and promprtly resolve the issue.


      Please emphatize with your customers and get the matter escalated if you can.  Thanks.