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    Cannot find McAfee console for 'navigation'




      In order to follow this guide, I need to be able to access 'navigation' on the McAfee console. However, having searched manually through McAfee-related things in program files and having done a search on Windows 8, I simply do not have a button, and having looked at videos, I suspect I'm not on the right console. Below is an image of all I can find. I'm using Windows 8 on a Toshiba C50 if it's relevant.


      If there's something wrong with my product and I need to reinstall, is there any way I can do that without deleting quarantined files? The issue is that I thought I'd disabled McAfee (I use different software, McAfee came as a pre-installed trial) and all of a sudden when I was moving a file from my external hard drive it told me it had quarantined it.


      Image of what I have:



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          Peter M

          Yes the Navigation button should appear where Subscription is currently.


          If it's an expired trial than it's not surprising things aren't working as they should.


          However you should never, ever have more than 1 antivirus installed at any time, even if one is disabled, as they can interract and actually open you up to infection.


          If you are using another product please uninstall McAfee via Control Panel > Programs and Features and then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.


          To get that object out of Quarantine may not be possible but you may wish to phone Technical Support.  They are available 24/7 and it's free, see the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          If the file is still on that other drive can't you simply disable Real-Time Protection in the Virus and Spyware Protection area and transfer it again?   But please uninstall the software afterwards for your own safety.

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            Peter M

            Another thought before you uninstall the software.  You may be able to retrieve the quarantined file another way by navigating to the folder.  But you must disable Real-Time Scanning first or else it will happen again.


            Navigate to C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine\quarantine and there should be zipped folders there.   Explore them and look under Users for your name and the quarantined file should be there intact.


            That's a sneaky way of getting around this but may work.





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              Unfortunately I was moving rather than copying the file so there's no longer a copy on the external drive. I've found the archive the file's in, but it's password protected, and I have no idea how to find the password?



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                Peter M

                Oh dear, you'd have to turn off access protection and you can ONLY do that in Navigation.  I just checked my registry for a possible workaround and there isn't one that I can find.


                You'll have to phone Technical Support and explain your predicament to them, hopefully they will be able to temporarily enable the full function of MSC long enough to release the quarantine. or to somehow free up that file.

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                  Peter M

                  ...a wild guess....try the password "infected" (minus the "" of course).